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Welcome 2021!

Report Date: January 12, 2021

The crazy year of 2020 is over, and we welcome 2021 with open arms. Last year was tough for many people and it was definitely difficult for almost all charterboats. But there were a few good outcomes to this crazy time. People started to really appreciate being outdoors and being with close family and friends. Although we were shut down for 45 days in March and April, the locals really came to our aid and we did quite a few charters in the summer, mostly for mahi mahi. Then the fall came around and it slowed back down but then unexpectedly we got really busy again from Thanksgiving all the way to now. Maybe it was the great fishing we are experiencing or the fact that people still want to be outdoors, which has been proven to be very difficult to get Covid while outside with some proper precautions. Either I am most grateful for the many great customers I have had and how some of them really came to my aid when we were struggling. I had quite a few customers offer assistance and many other just called to see how we were fairing. That means the world to me to know how many great customers I have that I can actually call friends. Thank you and can’t wait to take you guys out fishing.

  Now to talk about fishing “ The fishing has been so good since basically September. We had an early run of sailfish and the run has not stopped. We haven’t seen those huge fish number days yet, but we have seen the most consistent sailfishing in over 5 years. Nothing in fishing is guaranteed but we have been consistently caching 2 to 5 sailfish on every trip. I see the sailfishing getting even better in the next few months. This year we have had a lot of cold fronts and some really cold cold fronts, and these fronts help push down bait which in turn the sailfish follow the bait. I see some big sailfish days coming very soon. Besides sailfish, the next biggest surprise so far this year is the amount of blackfin tuna around. Typically, we see the small 2 to 5 pound blackfins in November but this year we are seeing more 15 “ 25 pounders than ever before. Blackfin tunas are usually a spring fish, but they seemed to have shown up and are staying here this winter.

  Swordfishing right now is also as good as it gets. In October we had a lot of squid around and although you may consider that good, when a squid attacks your bait and gets fouled on the hook, the bait will spin and you will never get a sword bite. Once the squid thin out is when the swordfishing turns on and boy did it turn on. We have caught swordfish on very single trip these past two months and our biggest one was 357 pounds. We also had quite a few trips with two swordfish per day. This great swordfishing should last well into March or later.

  With the new year in place, I look forward to fishing with all my great clients and look forward to fishing with new clients and making new lasting relationships. I will do my best to increase the frequency of my reports as well as put a major emphasis on YouTube videos. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do so as I will have new videos monthly. Subscribe from my website or with this link
Let’s make 2021 the best year ever!

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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