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Report Date: May 14, 2018

We had another great couple of weeks of fishing. We were in Chub Cay Bahamas for 6 days last week and prior to that we did a bunch of trips here in Miami. In Chub Cay we strictly trolled for marlin, mahis, tunas, wahoos etc. On the first day we only fished in the afternoon and we caught a few big mahis and some blackfin tunas. The second day we started off with a bang. We raised a blue marlin on the left teaser. We pulled the fish off the teaser and fed him a ballyhoo. Everything went the way it should with the switch and we hooked the blue marlin perfectly. After a decent fight we got the blue marlin alongside of the boat, snapped some pictures and let him go. The fish was around 150 pounds and what a sight to see him on the squid chain and then inhale the ballyhoo. These fish are truly the top apex predator out there and I can’t wait to get to San Sal next month and hopefully catch a few more. The next day we raised two more blue marlin. One was about 300 pounds and she sat behind the teaser and never ate anything. We tried getting baits in front of her but she was just investigating. We did catch some wahoos and more dolphin that day and the rest of the trip as well. It was a great time with decent weather and good fishing.

  Back on this side, the fishing has been very good. There are a bunch of sailfish around. We have been averaging 5 or so a day and our best day we caught 11. The sailfish are still here but are definitely starting to move out. By the end of the month we will be seeing less of them albeit we still catch them year round. We are starting to see more mahis both on the edge and out in the Gulfstream. Pretty soon this will be the target species and there is no better way to spend a calm summer day with friends and family than catching mahis offshore. Also on the edge, there has been a pretty good showing of blackfin tunas. We are now starting to see the bigger 30 pound plus tunas on a more frequent basis and less of the smaller 10 pounders. Mixed in with the tunas are bonitos. We are also getting a few kingfish in the mix so as you can tell spring fishing is about variety and that is exactly what we are getting.

  We have a few more trips on the edge this month as well as a trip to Bimini later in the month. In June we will be in San Salvador in the Bahamas for the majority of the month. I have quite a few opening left this month. We can target fishing on the edge for variety, going offshore for mahis as well as deep dropping for swordfish. Book your trips now for either this month or for the summer. The fishing is good and will stay good for quite a while.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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