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Swordfishing In Miami Has Been On Fire!

Report Date: February 1, 2021

The daytime swordfishing in Miami has been on fire. We have been lucky enough to get out quite a few times and have scored on every trip. The awesome thing about daytime swordfishing is you never know what size your next fish will be. There was a whopping 767 pound fish caught recently in South Florida and it was caught with a crew of all young anglers less than 21 years old each. Your next swordfish might be that big or bigger or may only be 50 pounds. Odds are its going to be somewhere in between, but regardless, catching any swordfish is a great accomplishment. The swordfish we have been catching have ranged from a 357 pound fish we caught a month or so ago to a little 30 pounder we caught and released last week. That little one wasn't even hooked but was lassoed by the tail, so he really had us tricked thinking it was a much bigger fish. It’s always harder to bring in a fish tail first instead of by the head. On that trip we had Keith from NJ who has fished with me quite a bit in the past. He booked two days of swordfishing to basically learn how to do it so he can adopt what he learned here up in NJ this coming summer. We caught swordfish on both days and I’m sure he learned a few tricks from those trips. The swordfishing should remain very good well into spring and February and March can be stellar months.
On the edge the fishing has slowed down in the past two weeks, but our last trip this weekend we saw signs that it is getting good again. We hooked a single sailfish, and after a few minutes we had 3 more sailfish on our baits. We hooked a quad (4 at once) and ended up catching 3 out of the 4. When you see sailfish move in packs that means they are pushing south, and the action is only going to get better. Besides sailfish, we are finally starting to catch some mahis while kite fishing. Usually we catch mahis year round but doing different techniques. In the summer we are fishing for mahis way out in the Gulfstream either by trolling or pitching live baits to fish on the surface. The rest of the year we usually catch mahis with live baits off of kites while we are sailfishing. This October through January the mahis on the edge while kitefishing was rather slow, but the last few trips we are staring to catch them again.



  We are now in February and pretty soon it will be spring. February and march are starting to fill up, but we still have plenty of openings, so whether it's a swordfish you want to knock off your bucket list or a sailfish as well as an assortment of other species while kite fishing, give us a call and let’s set it up. I have an online calendar on my website that you can book a trip directly and securely. Book now and let’s go fishing!

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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