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Summer Almost Gone

Report Date: August 9, 2020

What a great summer so far. The fishing so far this summer has been very good. With summer comes mahi fishing and that has not disappointed yet this year. Although we have not had a banner season with tons of mahis, we have had a very consistent mahi season. There have not been many days that we have caught 40 or more mahis, but who is complaining when you can go out and catch 10 to 30 mahis on every trip. As we got into August the mahis have also gotten bigger. You now catch very few undersize fish and practically every single mahi now is over the legal limit and many are quite a bit bigger than that. As we get into late summer the mahis will continue to grow. Did you know that mahis are one of the fastest growing fish in the ocean. A 20-inch mahis is just a few months old and a mahi that is a year old is over 20 pounds and up to 40 pounds. They only live 3 to 4 years and are sexually mature in just a few months.

  Swordfish is another species we target quite a bit in the summer. The swordfishing has been ok but typically August and September are much better than June and July. The one good thing about summertime swordfishing is nighttime swordfishing. It seems that the fishing community has completely given up on nightime swordfishing and has converted to daytime swordfishing, but nightime swordfishing has several benefits. First off, you can avoid the heat of the day and enjoy the coolness that night offers. You can also fish 4 or 5 rods instead of one or two, and no need for electric reels as all the bait are positioned in the top 400 feet of the water column. So, when you do hook up it’s in a harness and fighting the fish stand up. Don't ask me why but the fish fight much harder at night than during the day. We used to do about 75 nighttime trips per year and we are lucky if we do 6 or so a year. The good news is that in our past three night trips we have caught a swordfish on each trip. If the weather and conditions are right, I still prefer to swordfish at night and do battle one on one with the true gladiator of the deep.

With only a month or so left before summer ends and kids go back to school, now is the time to call and book your trip for mahis or swordfish. I have an online calendar and online booking system on my website that has worked great and is so easy for you to find the date you want and the type of trip you want. The entire booking is online and safe and secure. If you prefer to chat before booking a trip give me a call and let’s see what our next adventure will bring.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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