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Summer Is Here

Report Date: July 7, 2020

What a great June we had. We fished practically every day and the fishing was red hot. June is still a transition month so on some days we stayed on the edge targeting tunas, sailfish, kingfish and other days we ventured into the Gulfstream in search of mahis. The decision to fish the edge or go offshore is often dictated by the conditions. If we have bluewater and strong north current on the edge and a bit of wind at least for a helium balloon and kite, we usually stayed on the edge. If the water was green, no wind and no current we went into the Gulfstream. Now that we are in July, the fishing primarily shifts to offshore fishing in the Gulfstream for mahis. The good news is that there are plenty of mahis around. The only drawback is that there are a lot of littles ones as well. So, when we pull up to a school of mahis which can be anywhere from a few fish to 100 fish in a school, we catch a few and make a determination of the average size. If they seem too small, we leave that school and hunt for the next school. While looking for other schools we may be “running and gunning” which is running at 25 -30knots in search of birds, debris, rips etc. or we may be trolling and covering ground with lures in the water. The part I like about trolling is that we have a full spread out including teasers and always 1 marlin lure. There have been a number of blue marlin sighted in Miami while mahi fishing and a few caught as well. Just a few weeks ago we had a blue marlin chasing some small schoolie mahis around right next to the boat. Blue marlin love to eat schoolie mahis and we have plenty of schoolies around. I would bet good money that we will be caching one or two blue marlin this summer.


  We also be targeting swordfish this summer. June is typically a slow month for swords but July and especially August can be very good. We will be targeting swordfish both during the day and at night and actually have a couple of night trips already booked. I will also be offering a swordfish “camp” in August. It will be a three-day course offering every detail of daytime swordfishing. We will cover rigging baits, setting up the rod with instruction on windons, knots etc., picking location to fish, driving the boat, hooking a fish, gaffing and harpooning a sword and how to fight a swordfish. The course will be 4 people max. The cost will be very reasonable. If you are even remotely interested, please shoot me an email or a call and I can provide you with more info. I am really looking forward to this and it should be a blast and I guarantee there will be a lot to learn.


  With the current pandemic affecting all our lives, just note that being outside is one of the safest places you can be. Even though this virus does not stay viable in the open sun and humidity for more than a few minutes we still sanitize our boat after every trip. We also take temperatures of everyone in the morning, have hand sanitizer and soap available. We wore buffs over our faces for sun protection and now do that as well which overs a bit of viral protection as well. With most families limiting travel especially overseas, we have seen a great increase in families fishing together and there really is not anything much better than sharing your family with us and for everyone to have some great memories during these difficult times. SO, let’s go have some fun and catch some fish!

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