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Spring Is Here

Report Date: April 22, 2021

Spring is Here!

Winter is officially over and spring is here. I know it’s been a while since my last report but it’s been insanely busy here in South Florida. With COVID in retreat, people getting vaccinated and everyone just wanting to be outside, it has been our busiest past few months in a number of years. It’s helping making up or the number of months we were closed last year. Luckily our busy season is coinciding with some really good fishing. As has been the case the past few years sailfishing is actually better in the spring than the winter and that has been the case this year as well. We had a few double digit sailfish release days, but more importantly we are seeing multiple sailfish on almost all our trips. The past two trips resulted in 10 sailfish releases. It never gets old catching sailfish but it is even better catching a few sailfish and a variety of other gamefish as well. The blackfin tunas are here and it’s only going to get better this month and next. There are also some big kingfish around too. We had one of the biggest kings I have seen sky on one of our kite baits yesterday. Unfortunately he bit everything off including the wire leader but it was quite the sight. Add a few mahis to the mix and a bunch of bonitos and it is one active day.

  We also did a trip to the Bahamas last week and that was a great trip too. We caught queen snappers, yelloweye snappers, button snappers and black snappers while deep dropping. We also caught yellowfin tunas and big mahis in the NW channel.

  Now is the time to plan your trips for spring and summer. April is completely booked and May is filling up quick. We are also starting to book Bimini trips. There are some COVID protocols to follow but it is pretty easy. You need a valid COVID PCR test within 5 days of travel and you have to obtain a Bahamian health visa which is quick and easy and is done online. There are no requirements when owing back to the US as long as you come back by boat.

  So wether it’s a spring trip kite fishing on the edge for sailfish, tunas, mahis and kings or a summer trip for mahis or a trip to the Bahamas, don’t wait too much longer as days are filling up aster than ever before.

Tight Lines,
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