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Report Date: April 30, 2020

We are officially open for business again. Marinas and charterboats have been re-opened and what a great time of year to fish. To start though we are adopting some new measures to ensure the safety of everyone on board. We will be taking temperatures of all our guests and crew, including myself, every morning prior to boarding. This is done with a no touch infrared thermometer. We also are requiring (county and marina ordinance) that everyone wear a buff or mask especially when at the marina. In addition, we have hand soap available on the boat as well as disinfectant. The boat is cleaned and sanitized after every trip. We also ask any clients who are not feeling well to please stay at home.

Enough of that, now let’s get to the fishing. We are by far in the best fishing that South Florida has to offer. The past few days, the fishing has been on fire. We are seeing quite a few sailfish every trip and every trip has resulted in at least a few sailfish per day and our best day was 10 sailfish. Besides sailfish there are a lot of decent size kingfish around. It is almost a certainty to catch your limit of kingfish and most of these fish are between 10 and 30 pounds and some are pushing 40 pounds. If you want to hear a screaming drag, the initial run of a kingfish and the second run when the kingfish sees the boat is awesome. We have finally seen the influx of the big blackfin tunas. We have been catching the smaller football size tunas for the past few weeks, but just in the last couple of days, the bigger 25 to 35-pound blackfins have being showing up. This past Monday we caught a beautiful 32-pound blackfin. I love to catch sailfish and kingfish, but my favorite seems to be these big blackfin tunas and the reason being is that the big ones are really only here for a few months and now is the time to target them. The only fish we normally see this time of year are the mahis, but they have not made their showing yet, but rest assured it won’t be long until they show up.


  A fish that is not too common here in South Florida is the yellowfin tuna. You hear of a few caught here and there but in this last month it seems that there is one caught or hooked every day in Miami. I haven’t had my shot at one this year, but you can bet we are ready.
I would like to thank all my clients for there support during this Covid-19 crisis. Would also like to reach out to our local clients and have them book a trip with us soon. Not only is the fishing great, and you will be able to get out of the house and breathe some fresh air and feel normal again, but you will be helping out the charterboat fleet that really took it in the chin. Most of us are single owners (most are not eligible for PPP – and not that they are giving money to us anyway) that have falling really behind during what is supposed to be our busiest time of year. Again, I would like to thank my current customers who supported us in many ways and hope our local clients can keep us going until our out of state clients can start flying again.
Stay Safe and let’s go catch a lot of fish!

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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