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Mahi Season Is Here

Report Date: June 13, 2021

We had a great blackfin tuna run last month. The bigger tunas showed up a few weeks late, but they made up for it in both size and numbers. It was not uncommon to catch 5 to 10 Blackfin tunas from 25 to 35 pounds every day. We had a week we caught 50 tunas in one week. To go along with the tunas, there were plenty of sailfish around as well.

  Now though we have shifted gears and are targeting mahis offshore. If the conditions are right with blue water, north current and a bit of wind, we can still target sailfish and tunas on the edge. Typically, though in the summer, the winds calm down quite a bit, blue water pushes offshore and thusly we target the big schools of mahis offfshore.

  The last few weeks all the mahis have been under frigate birds and we have done quite well catching a bunch of mahis. Typically, in the beginning of the season, the mahis are small schoolies, but as the summer progresses the mahis grow quickly in size. It is not uncommon for a mahi to gain a few pounds in less than a month. Most of the bigger gaffers and slammers of 20 to 30 pounds are only a year in age. Besides growing fast, they are also found in large schools. In addition to that they are almost always on the hunt and readily eat cut baits and small live baits. To top it off they are colorful, jump when they are hooked and taste great. Pretty much one of the best fish an offshore angler to target which makes the mahis one of the most targeted fish in South Florida. It is a great fish for both beginners and experienced anglers. It is an awesome trip for the entire family!

  Another trip we will be doing more of is our summer trips to the Bahamas. Now with Covid restrictions lessening and vaccinated individuals no longer needing testing to go to the Bahamas, it is time to book your trips. We already had a trip to Bimini and have two more planned this month. Our past trip to Bimini was a complete success. We caught our limit of tunas (18). The tunas were yellowfin tunas mixed in with some black fins and some skipjacks. The next day we targeted snappers catching our limit of yellowtail snappers as well as yellow eye snappers.
This year is one of the busiest years we have ever had. June is completely booked except for two days at the end of the month. July is more open, with open dates throughout the month. With that being said, now is the time to book your trip while dates are still open. Both my mate and I are fully vaccinated and encourage everyone to do so to help this country get back up and fully running. Let’s take advantage of the calm summer weather and let’s get the whole family out to catch some mahis or have some fun in the Bahamas. For the hardcore groups we can also target big daytime swordfish! Booking at trip has never been easier with our online calendar on the website. Use the book now button and let’s set up that trip

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