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Happy New Year!

Report Date: December 31, 2022

Happy New Year!

Tomorrow, we bring in a New Year. 2022 wasn’t bad but it had its fill of difficulties. Supply chain issues still exist, highest gas prices we have ever seen, and the cost of goods and services is crazy. Everything from marina rates, insurance (tripled in 1 year), supplies, etc. have gone through the roof. But you know what, we survived and have gone through difficulties before. Not only did we survive but we are as strong as ever. Fishing in 2022 was decent and some fisheries were better than ever. Wahoo fishing in Bimini has been strong, swordfishing has been better than the past few years and the tuna fishery in NW Channel has been great. Mahi fishing this summer was not great and sailfishing last year was slower than most years. But that didn’t stop us. Both Billy and I worked hard, and I was awarded Top Release Captain for Atlantic Sailfish by The Billfish Foundation and Billy was awarded Top Mate for Atlantic Sailfish. We have won this award in the past, but I am proud to have won it last year with all the difficulties thrown at us.

  One thing is for sure in 2023, both Billy and I will work hard at putting our clients on fish. Sailfishing has improved quite a bit this past week. We have caught sailfish on every single trip this whole week. We have also capitalized on a very good kingfish bite and have been limiting out on decent size kings all week. Our biggest kingfish this week was 36 pounds. There have also been a few wahoos around as well as some decent mahis. All in all, the fishing has been very good.

  We also did a swordfish trip yesterday and we fortunate to land one at the very end of the day. We had a bite on the buoy rod early in the day and then the action stopped. It was past quitting time, but I decided to stay a bit longer and try to get another bite. Luckily, we stayed because not soon after the decision to stay, I looked back, and the buoy was on its side indication a swordfish ate the bait and was swimming towards the surface. My customer did a great job staying tight to the fish and after 30 minutes or so we could see the swordfish tailing on the surface. Such a cool site to see the dorsal and tail fin cruising the top of the water as the swordfish was swimming on the top and trying to get away. After a few more minutes we were able to get her to the boat and that was going to be our last fish for 2022. Not a bad way to end a great year.

  With all that said, 2023 is amongst us and now is the time to make your reservations for the year. January is over half booked already. Book your winter/spring sailfish trips now as well as any wahoo trips you want to make to the islands. Wahoo fishing is generally good till end of February in Bimini. Swordfishing is good year-round but the next two months are my best months for daytime swords. Remember you can’t catch them on the couch. Let’s go catch some fish in 2023!

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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