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Happy Thanksgiving

Report Date: November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!
Hope everyone has a great day with friends and family.

We are in fall fishing mode and our primary species are making their presence known. We have been catching sailfish or multiple sailfish on practically every single trip. The sailfish have been showing up and the sailfishing will get a lot better once a few cold fronts start rolling through. Typically, December is when the sailfishing kicks into high gear. We mostly fish live bait and kites which makes it extremely visual and exciting. There is nothing like seeing the fish eat the bait before you actually hook it. Besides sailfish, there have also been some decent mahis, kingfish, bonitos and an occasional wahoo.

  Another fish making a strong showing have been swordfish. We have been lucky enough to have caught a swordfish on every single one of our trips the past few months. Although we haven’t gotten any big swordfish recently, that will change as we start doing more trips and the bigger fish start rolling through. Although everyone primarily fish electric reels due to having your bait 1600 feet down, we use an electric/manual reel from Hooker Electric which allows us to crank or use the electric portion of the reel. We also can deploy a strictly manual reel for those looking to be IGFA compliant. We had a customer last month that needed a swordfish to complete his IGFA slam (catching all species of billfish) and we did this with a Penn 50W with a breakaway weight. We did get one that trip, and it was very rewarding for all of us.

  Another species making a strong showing has been wahoo high speed trolling in Bimini. We haven’t taken any trips recently, but I am itching to go as the reports of 5 to 15 wahoo a day are coming in. Nothing quite like the scream of a wahoo’s first run especially when trolling at 15 mph. Wahoo fishing in Bimini usually starts in October and could last into March. I would say the best months though are November – January.

The Christmas holidays are rapidly approaching, and they are a very busy time of year for us. We already have a bunch of bookings, but some days are still left. We also offer gift certificates for our trips, so if you have that special someone in your life and want to give an awesome gift, give us a shout and we can have a gift certificate sent to you. Enjoy the holidays and let’s go fishing!

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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