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Great Start

Report Date: December 1, 2020


Sailfish season has gotten off to one of the best starts I have seen in the past 10 years. Multiple shots at sailfish are occurring on a daily basis. November usually starts our sailfish season and catching 1 or 2 fish on average is considered good. This year October was the start and for the most part we have had 3 to 8 shots a day practically every trip. This bodes well as we enter December and real cold fronts start rolling through. Earlier in November we saw and caught a lot of sailfish in shallow. These fish were feeding on ballyhoo and sometimes were pretty picky about eating anything else. As November was ending, the sailfish are now back on the edge and kite fishing is highly effective. Besides sailfish, there has also been a steady pick at gaffer size mahis. The mahis are being caught on the kite baits as well.

  Swordfishing was pretty good this September but it slowed down a notch in October. The big schools of squid have moved in and you would think that is a good thing and it is for swordfish, but when a squid latches onto your bait, all it does is creates the bait to spin and look un-natural. If you get a squid on your bait, it usually means no sword bites. Luckily either there are a ton of swordfish here or the squid are starting to dissipate, but the swordfishing the past few days has been very good. We caught two swordfish on Saturday and a big swordfish on Sunday. The drops we made that didn't produce a swordfish, did produce squid, so the squid are still here but the swords must be thick as well. Once the squid leave the daytime swordfishing will explode just like it did last year in December when the squid finally left. Our big swordfish on Sunday weighed in at 357.2 pounds on our new digital scale.

  Next week I will be heading across to Bimini to do some high speed trolling for wahoo. It takes a bit more preparation these days to go to the Bahamas. You need a Covid test done within 5 days of travel and need to apply for a health visa from the Bahamas as well. That being said, there are less boats going over which would mean there are more Wahoo to be caught. Hopefully we will get them next week.

Now is the time to start looking at your calendars and if you plan on visiting or have friends and family come to town during Christmas week, now is the time to book your trips. I only have two days left open between Christmas week and New Year’s but have a few days before and after open. You can go on my website and click the “Book Now” button which will take you to the online calendar. From there you can see what is available. I am also putting a bit more emphasis on YouTube videos and there is a link on my website to my YouTube channel. Take a look at the videos and please subscribe to the channel. Check out the latest videos

I will also be doing a YouTube video on our big swordfish this week.

I wish everyone Happy Holidays and hopefully see you soon.

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