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Fishing Getting Good Again!

Report Date: October 15, 2022

Hurricane Ian was devastating to our neighbors to the west and we wish them a speedy and total recovery. On our side we did not get any of the effects of the hurricane. What the hurricane did though was stir up the Atlantic below us and sent a bunch of mahis our way. First the mahis were a bit offshore but then last week a bunch of big mahis moved into the edge and even shallower chasing flying fish and ballyhoo. We had a trip Monday where we caught almost a dozen 10 -18-pound mahis in 42 feet of water chasing ballyhoo. The day before we caught 20 nice size mahis while fishing on the edge. It seems that the mahis may have pushed on but I’m sure we will see more while kite fishing for sailfish.
We also did a kite fishing trip last week when we had some wind and blue water and caught three sailfish on a half day trip so the sailfish are around, and we will be targeting them tomorrow.

  Just before the hurricane we did a couple of daytime swordfish trips and were rewarded with a swordfish on both our trips. The swordfish were right around 100 pounds, and we are set for the bigger fish to migrate into our area. October through February is prime daytime swordfish season. Not only are there more swords in the area but the bigger 300-to-500-pound swordfish are more prevalent this time of year. That’s truly the beauty of swordfishing is that you don’t know if your next swordfish will be 50 pounds or 500 pounds!

  We also did a quick trip to Bimini to do some high-speed trolling for wahoo and we were successful. We didn’t stack any big numbers, but the fish were decent in size (40-pound range) and the signs were there that the wahoo fishing should be getting better. There was a ton of flying fish (bait for wahoo) and clean blue water with north current. Wahoo fishing in Bimini usually starts in October and could last into March. I would say the best months though are November – January.
As you can see the fishing has gotten better and we are starting to get busy again. Now is the time to book your winter sailfish trips, daytime swordfish trips or your trip to Bimini for some high-speed trolling for wahoo!

  Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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