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First Day Of Fall

Report Date: September 21, 2021

Although summer can be fun, I really look forward to the fall in South Florida. The super-hot summer days and the afternoon thunderstorms are on their way out and more pleasant weather is upon us. Fall is also indicative of daytime swordfishing, and we have already started off well. In August we had a few trips for swordfish, and most were quite successful. The average fish for us was between 150 and 250 pounds. We also had a couple of swordfish trips in September with about the same results. The fall is when the first good run of swordfish happens in South Florida. The only issue can be the abundance of squid. It really is a two-edged sword. You need the squid here to keep the swordfish here but when there are so many squid that they attack your bait and get hooked on your bait, that is a bad thing. What happens is the squid gets hooked and then spins tremendously making the bait look completely unnatural. You never get a bite when your bait is spinning. They key is to do more but shorter duration drops each day. Instead of soaking a bait for an hour, you may have to soak it only for 30 minutes, thus if you do have a squid latched on, you are wasting less time. We have several swordfish trips coming up and even have a couple of nightime swordfish trips. For the guys that need to complete their billfish slams with a swordfish, the night trips are the way to go since they are completely IGFA compliant.
We have also put up a new swordfish video on YouTube. Look at it and please subscribe to our channel.

  We have also been veering more into kite fishing on the edge compared to mahi fishing offshore (which was practically a bust all season) and we are averaging at least a sailfish on each trip as well as bonitos, and a few kingfish. Soon we will be in high gear and kite fishing every day for sailfish.
Within the next week or so, we will also start gearing up for wahoo fishing especially in Bimini. Traditionally we have always done well in late September and October, and I am already hearing of a few wahoo being caught over there.


  So, if you have never caught one or just love to catch them now is the time to go swordfishing. Whether its daytime or nighttime, it’s time to book that trip. Another hot trip is high speed trolling for wahoo and if you have never experienced the first wicked run of a wahoo hitting a lure going 15 knots, it is a sound and sight you will never forget. It’s also never too early to look at your winter travel plans and set up a trip for sailfish in Miami. We already have bookings for this winter and spring so take a look and book now.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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