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Finally Back To Busy!

Report Date: November 4, 2017

Business has finally picked back up and we are now just ending fishing a dozen days in a row. The fishing has been very good but it has been a bit on the rough side. All these past trips have been with some of my best repeat customers. We did a variety of different types of trips, mostly kite fishing for sailfish and deep dropping for swordfish. We had some very good days of swordfishing and also had some slow days. Our best day we caught three swordfish and our slowest day we never got a bite. For the most part we are averaging a fish a trip. I had my great client Wilfried and his son back from France to try to get him another swordfish. Last year we got the leader on his swordfish but it jumped off literally a few feet from the boat. This year he wanted a picture. On our first trip we hooked and got him his swordfish. He got his picture and we released the swordfish unharmed. We did another trip to try to get him a bigger fish, but unfortunately we didn’t get any sword bites, but we did get a bunch of mahis including a 30-pound bull and 20-pound cow. Prior to all these trips we did a day sword trip with longtime client Roger and some friends and it was a banner day. We caught three swordfish by 11 am. It was epic fishing with the bait hitting the bottom and almost instantly getting a bite. It reminded of the good old days!

  We also did quite a few kite fishing trips on the edge. I had Willfried and his son from France out on the edge and we had a banner day going 6 for 7 on sailfish and seeing a few other. It was our first real cold front of the year and we had a brisk north wind and some decent north current. The water wasn't purple blue but it was fishable. We started by running down the edge and looking for “tailers”. Tailers are sailfish that are surfing the waves and you can see their tails sticking out of the water. It wasn't but a minute or so and we saw our first tailer and we quickly baited him up and got him. After that we put out the kites and caught 5 more sailfish for a total of 6 and saw a few more tailers that didn’t eat. We have caught sailfish on almost all of our trips kite fishing and have also been catching quite a few decent mahis while kite fishing as well.

  As you can see the fishing is getting really good and as the cold fronts come through the sailfishing is going to get even better. All I can say is it’s about time. I look forward to sailfish season all year long and it is finally here.

  It is now November and it really is the time to look at your calendars and start booking your winter trips, especially around the holidays. I only have a day or so open around Thanksgiving, but still have a few days around Christmas and New Years. Book your trips now and lets go catch some fish!

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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