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Time To Cool Off

Report Date: July 11, 2021

No doubt it can get hot in South Florida in the summer. The trick to staying cool is to go offshore. Even on the balmiest of days, the ocean breeze and the ocean itself helps cool off the air. Not until we get back in and hed down Keystone canal do you really start feeling the heat and then it is just a matter of time until you get into your air conditioned car. We are most likely fishing for mahis offshore but on occasion we may also be doing some deep dropping for swordfish. Both fisheries can be very good. Deep dropping for swordfish is always a plus when it is calm, and our calmest weather is always in the summer. One trip that is also excellent in the summer is nighttime swordfish. It’s been a while since our last night sword trip, but I am ready at any time as this is really the way to battle a big swordfish. No electric reels, just a conventional reel in a stand up harness �“ mano a mano!!

Another great fishery and a great adventure is to plan a trip to Bimini. The Covid rules for the Bahamas have been relaxed a bit and if you are fully vaccinated you do not need to test for Covid prior to your trip. If you are not vaccinated, which I highly recommend, you can still enter the Bahamas with a negative Covid test. BTW- both Billy and I are fully vaccinated. In the Bahamas bottom fishing is on the top of the list. Yellowtail snappers are plentiful as are mutton snappers and deep drop snappers like yelloweyes and a few queen snappers. You can also run in NW channel and chase yellowfin and blackfin tunas as well as some big mahis. Without a doubt my favorite fishing in the summer is always in the Bahamas.

  Fishing the past couple of weeks has been challenging. The mahis are around but not in the numbers we would expect, and the size seems lower than it should be. Not to lose faith though, last year late July and August were much better than June and that will definitely be the case again this year. Don't know if it is global warming or just a trend but it seems that every fishery is later and later each year.
Before you know it, summer will be over so book your trip to Bimini or book a trip for mahis or swordfish (day or night) and lets makes some memories.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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