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Busy Time Of The Year

Report Date: February 28, 2018

We are getting into our busiest time of the year and for the past few weeks and for the next few months we will be fishing practically every day. We have been mostly kite fishing on the edge for sailfish. The sailfishing has been ok. We have had sailfish bites on all of our trips but one and for the most part have been catching two or three sailfish per trip. We are still waiting for the big push of sailfish to get us up into daily double digit releases and that is due to happen very soon. Last year March and April were the best two months of the year for sailfishing and it looks like the same will happen this year. Besides sailfish, there are a few mahis around as well as some kingfish and a handful of wahoos. Last week there were even some big bluefin tunas around and I did hear of two being caught while kite fishing.
We also did one swordfish trip and were lucky enough to land a daytime swordfish. We had three bites that day so there are definitely some swordfish around. Our angler opted for the electric reel but soon we will be offering strictly manual reels for daytime as well as manual/electric reels. We have another swordfish trip this week, so hopefully our luck will continue.

  I also just got back from Bimini today. We were there for the past few days and we high speed trolling for wahoo ands well as fishing for snappers on the reef and deep dropping for snappers as well. The wahoo fishing was slow but we did get a few. The fishing for yellowtail snappers was actually very good but landing them was a bit difficult because there were a lot of big bull sharks around that ate almost everything we hooked. We did catch a few though and then decided to leave the sharks to catch their own food and we went deep dropping of yelloweye and queen snappers. That was very good and we had a lot of fun doing that.

  Next week we have our last sailfish tournament of the year (Jimmy Johnson Billfish Tournament) so we need all the luck and good wishes sent our way. I will be running our tournament boat “Kimbuktu”. After that tournament we have a bunch of sailfish charters as well as some swordfish trips and a couple more trips to the Bahamas.
I am taking the “Double D” to San Salvador Bahamas this June for some epic marlin fishing. I am in the process of getting our dredges, squid chains and marlin tackle in order and can’t wait for that trip. I still have a few openings so if you are interested please email me or call me and I can provide you with a lot more info. Fighting a blue marlin in a harness on a center console is an absolute thrill.

February is now gone and March is almost completely booked. I do have 5 or 6 days open towards the end of the month so now is definitely the time to call and get your date before March gets completely booked.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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